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Gerber Accumark.8.2.2 License

Gerber AccuMark is a pattern design software for the fashion and apparel industry. It helps you design, develop and take your products to market faster and more efficiently. It also offers modules for 3D visualization, made-to-measure, automated nesting, spread and cut planning, and pattern scanning.

gerber accumark.8.2.2 license

If you want to use Gerber AccuMark 8.2.2, you need to have a valid license file for the GERBER version 8.2 security key. This license file will be provided by Gerber Technology and it has to match the security key number on your computer.

In this article, we will show you how to install Gerber AccuMark 8.2.2 license step by step.

Step 1: Install AccuMark Family CD

The first step is to install the AccuMark Family CD on your PC. This CD contains the software for AccuMark, AccuNest, AccuPlan, AccuScan and other modules. You need to log on to the PC as an administrator and insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive.

If the CD does not start up automatically, select âMy Computerâ, click the icon that represents the CD-ROM, and select âinstall.htm.â Select OPEN if the File Download dialog displays[^1^].

At this point, you can perform the following actions:

  • Display or check system requirements

  • View documentation

  • Install AccuNest Professional Edition from the AccuNest screen

To install AccuNest Professional Edition, select AccuNest to begin the software installation. Select Install AccuNest. Welcome screen â select Next. To cancel the install, select Cancel.

The terms of the software license agreement will display. Select âYesâ to continue. Select AccuNest Professional Edition. Select Next to accept the default location for the software to install.

Select Job Submission to install UltraQueue on your machine. To place an icon for UltraQueue on the desktop select the box. If icons are not placed on the desktop, UltraQueue may be opened from the Start>All Programs>Gerber Technology>UltraQueue menu.

Review and select Next to continue. The installation will begin[^1^].

Following the installation of Job Submission, the Problem Report Utility will run, first uninstalling previous version if found. A Reboot dialog may display. If so, restart the PC after the installation has finished[^1^].

Step 2: Install License File

The next step is to install the license file for Gerber AccuMark 8.2.2. This file will be provided by Gerber Technology and it has to match the security key number on your computer.

To install the license file from the Start menu select Runâ C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Gerber Technology\\GT License Manager\\InstallLic.exe[^1^].

Select Product type AccuMark. Browse to the location of the license file by pressing the button beside the âSelect File to Installâ field. Select the LIC file for the security key attached.

The file will be copied and renamed to LSERVRC in C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Gerber Technology\\GT License Manager[^1^].

Note: The license file number has to match the security key number on the same computer. Keep a copy of the AccuNest Professional Edition license file. The license code may need to be entered if the software is reinstalled at a later time[^1^].

Step 3: Enjoy Gerber AccuMark 8.2.2

After installing both the software and the license file, you are ready to use Gerber AccuMark 8.2.2 on your PC. You can access all its features and modules from the GERBER Launch pad Utilities menu.

You can also check out Gerber Technology's website for more information about their products and services[^2^]. They offer webinars, demos, training and support for their customers.

Gerber AccuMark 8.2.2 is a powerful and versatile software c481cea774


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