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Download Wii U Games to SD Card in 5 Easy Steps

Before the launch of the Wii U, Nintendo confirmed that software could not be played from an SD card, but it would appear that it is technically possible - provided you have one of those cheap USB card readers handy.

download wii u games to sd card

YouTube user Shokio discovered that if you pop your SD card into one of these readers and then insert it into the Wii U USB port, the system will treat it as a standard USB thumb drive, and therefore allow you to move - and play - software from it.

@akabenjy Well, it seems like the WiiU only recognizes the USB adapter itself as a HDD unit of some kind. So as long as the SD card adapter can read SDXC cards it should work I assume, since the WiiU isn't the unit reading the SD card (so what the WiiU can or can't read by itself shouldn't matter).

@19Robb92 I'm interested in this because although Flash memory is more expensive I prefer the smaller form factor and I personally feel like SD cards are more reliable in the long term. Plus I wouldn't need any more space that 128GB

P.S. Having said all that, the 3DS uses the SD slot [I have a 32GB Class10 in mine] and that works fine, but I expect the overall system architecture is very different, and the majority of games are unlikely to be over 4GB.

Well, when I get my Wii U I'm getting an external hard drive for it. There's no reason for me to care about SD card support for a console that's not portable. I mean, if I have to take the console somewhere else, I can't fit it in my pocket, so an SD card for extra storage is not precisely convenient.

Hmm. Just unlocking a function even the Wii had from beginning.Isn't worth much, since SD cards aren't that big (approx 32 GB), and you need a real hard drive (1000GB at least) if you download most of your games.

If the SD card used for Wii transfers works faster in the Wii U SD slot then this doesn't matter, but if somebody has a bunch of SD cards laying about but no thumb drives for some reason then I could see this being useful and saving some money in the process.

Shokio is so flaw... i posted that on his youtude... said i got the 8gb with black ops and a 32gb sd card for 379.00 and to put it in a adapter ... i put mario u on my sd card and it works fine.. im a [email protected] system tech and you can use that to fool cpus that its a hhd.. hes so flaw..."i found it out" you fake dude lmao unsubscribe lmao

Due to a weak lineup of games and limited third-party support, Nintendo has announced the official discontinuation of Wii U in 2017. However, a lot of fans still use Wii U to play games. In order to play GameCube games on Wii U smoothly, you need to hack Wii U and utilize a Homebrew application.

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In addition, this program boasts many practical features like memory card emulation, custom games, and mod games. With this Homebrew installed, you can even run backups of games from an external hard drive on Wii U.

As mentioned above, we need a FAT32 SD card to install Homebrew and Haxchi. If you have an SD card of more than 32GB, then you may have to utilize a professional formatter. MiniTool Partition Wizard is a trusted program that can help you format SD card easily.

Step 5. Create 2 empty folders in the SD card so that you can put the Homebrew files into them. Here you can name the folders to Install and WiiU separately.

Step 2. Select the appstore and homebrew-launcher folders on your computer, right-click them and select Copy. Open the WiiU/apps directory in the SD card, and then right-click the empty area in the folder and select Paste.

After you have copied all Homebrew Wii U files to the SD card, you can load the Homebrew Launcher on Wii U. The initial exploit is loaded via the browser, so you need to make sure that your Wii U system is connected to the Internet. To do so, follow the detailed steps below:

Step 4. If it loads successfully, your Wii U console should reboot into the Homebrew Launcher app from the SD card. If it freezes, you can hold the Power button to turn off your console and follow the above steps to try again.

Step 5. Then it will ask you to install NAND or USB, choose NAND. It will install the Homebrew Channel Launcher from the install/hbc folder on the SD card. Once it is installed successfully, you will see a new Homebrew Launcher icon on the Home screen of Wii U.

4. Confirm what you want to copy, and then click on Copy to SD button and select the drive letter of your SD card. After that, the Helper will use File Explorer to start copying the game files to your SD card.

Step 4. Install games from the SD card to USB drive. If you want to play the games from an external drive like USB, you can download them to the USB, and then insert it into your Wii U while playing the games. Of course, you can skip this step.

After all the files have been unzipped, copy all the games from your computer to your SD card. Insert the SD card into your Wii device. Go to the Main Menu of your Wii and then go to the Wii Message Board. Look for the LetterBomb icon and Press 1 to continue. Press A, then navigate to install. Now, select continue and then press Exit. You can now start downloading free games from the internet and then load them into Wii.

If you can download games from your computer into your Wii, you can certainly do the same for your Wii U console. However, the process should be slightly different as we will be focusing on using a software called the Wii U USB Helper. We have divided the process into three parts, according to the categories of steps. Here go the steps to get your free Wii U games into your Wii U controller:

While the Wii U doesn't have an expansive games library, you definitely don't want to have to delete a game every time you need room for a new one. So, in this article, we'll explain how to add more storage to your Wii U if you're running low on space.

The Wii U includes an SD card slot at the front of the console. But you can't use an SD card for storing Wii U games. SD cards only work for storing pictures of your Miis, holding screenshots in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and transferring data from a Wii to your Wii U.

If you want to use an existing SD card to save games, you can work around this limitation by using a USB card reader. Just stick your SD card into the slot on the reader and plug the USB end into your console. The Wii U will read the device as if it's a USB drive, not an SD card.

Unfortunately, the same problem with flash drives applies to SD cards too. These devices aren't designed for the constant reading and writing that video games require. So you can give this method a try, but don't be surprised if your SD card dies quickly as a result.

Nintendo notes that the Wii U supports SDHC memory cards up to 32GB, but does not support SDCX cards. This limitation doesn't apply when using a USB adapter, as multiple people online have confirmed that they use larger cards with no problems.

If you don't have a spare drive, you'll need to buy a new external USB hard drive specifically for your Wii U. What size you should buy depends on your needs. Wii U games are smaller than PS4 or Xbox One titles, so 1TB should be more than enough for even the most passionate Wii U gamer.

If you want to copy or move data between drives, perhaps to back up your game saves, press Y to copy or X to move it. Tap all the games you want to copy/move, then the Y or X button again. You'll see a prompt asking you to confirm the action.

To delete game data, highlight the game and press A. Here you can browse the various save data for that game. Select everything you want to delete, then choose Delete. Have a look here to see if you can delete any old games---maybe you don't need external storage after all.

Don't forget that Nintendo has re-released many of the best Wii U games on the Nintendo Switch, so you might prefer to put your money towards Nintendo's newer console instead of external storage for your Wii U.

For Wii U, SD cards can be used for saving a picture of your Mii, QR Code patterns for your Mii, and screenshots in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. They cannot be used as a storage device for Wii U software downloads or save data for games.

  • Set up the Wii U console, and start the Wii Menu.

  • Start the Wii System Transfer application, then follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Insert an SD Card or SDHC Card into the SD Card slot of the Wii U console when prompted.

  • When prompted, remove the SD Card and leave the Wii U console in its current state. Do not turn off the power or return to the Wii Menu.

  • Connect the Wii console to the TV.

  • On Wii, start the Wii Shop Channel and download the Wii U Transfer Tool from the Channels section.

  • Start the Wii U Transfer Tool and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • After the process, the application will inform you which data has been moved. Remove the SD Card from the Wii when the application asks you to do so.

  • Insert the SD Card into the Wii U console, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the system transfer.

  • Once the process is complete, you can enjoy your content on your new Wii U console.

Moving content from an old Wii to a new Wii U could have been as simple as transferring Wii-based content to an SD card, then inserting that card into the Wii U. Instead, Nintendo set up a convoluted DRM system, hoping to ensure Wii owners could only play downloaded games (or access other personal content) on a single console.

Getting this entire process set up was time-consuming and inconvenient. It required a lot of remote juggling and TV input switching. But after half an hour, I was finally watching a bunch of cute Pikmin slowly copy the accumulated contents of my Wii to the SD card. Then, with Step 2 of the above process roughly 33 percent done, the screen suddenly went black. My Wii displayed the message shown at the top of this post:


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