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Where To Buy Dr Hauschka Products

Would you describe your face cream as a work of art? We think this is the case when it comes to Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products. And would you attribute a personality to a plant? We do so and closely study its biography when developing and producing any new cosmetic product.

where to buy dr hauschka products

We value every one of our carefully selected ingredients. But we also believe that it is only through the interaction of all the natural substances that we achieve such high-quality natural skin care. We take an equally holistic view of your skin and know that the strengthening and harmonising stimuli of our Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products are shared with your body as a whole. This way, we can enhance your inner and your outer beauty at the same time.

When caring for your skin, it makes sense to follow its rhythm, because just like any other organism, your largest organ also follows different rhythms: your skin renews itself every 28 days, and during the day it behaves differently than at night, when it regenerates. Our skin care products take this into account. We also use a rhythmic procedure for our medicinal plants so that they can be preserved without alcohol. This special production process is one of our distinguishing features.

Our skin care products are now available directly from the manufacturer in our Dr. Hauschka online shop. Dr. Hauschka products are also available from authorised retailers, including natural food/cosmetics stores, health food stores, perfumeries, pharmacies, department stores and Dr. Hauschka estheticians. Our partners can do more than just sell our products, they can also help you with their extensive expertise.

Like all Dr. Hauschka products, our make-up line contains the effective properties of pure natural skin care. Our complexion-priming products contain balancing medicinal plant extracts as well as nourishing oils and waxes. This means our foundation, concealer and powder gives even dry or sensitive skin an even complexion. For beautiful eyes, look no further than our eyeshadows, eyeiners and mascaras: The formulations contain eyebright and black tea to soothe the eyes and care for the delicate surrounding skin. Sensual lips are a breeze with our lip glosses and lipsticks: with extra nourishment provided by jojoba and almond oil.

The make-up line by Dr. Hauschka is composed of carefully selected blends containing medicinal plants and pays attention to the individuality of each user. The aim is not to cover up or conceal but rather to accentuate the unique personality of each person that wears the products to restore natural radiance.

Dr. Hauschka takes into account the fact that your skin has different needs depending on the time of day; for this reason, these products support your natural rhythm with a unique facial skin care concept comprising three steps for the morning and evening. Discover more / Buy

Developed in partnership with doctors and research institutes, Dr. Hauschka MED provides medical care products, derived from nature, that help manage conditions such as very dry skin or atopic dermatitis. This unique range also includes specific care products for the teeth and lips. Discover more / Buy

About the brand: Dr. Hauschka Skin Care was founded in 1967 by Elisabeth Sigmund and Rudolf Hauschka. Mineral oils, silicones, PEGs, and synthetic preservatives are all absent from the brand's skincare products. Instead, they're made entirely of natural raw ingredients, the majority of which are organic and, in some cases, biodynamic in nature.

Overall, Dr. Hauschka's Rose Day Cream improved my texture and nourished my skin profoundly. The convenient container is my favorite because it allows me to bring it anywhere and doesn't require using a spoon to extract the product. Although the thick cream did cause my makeup to crease into my smile lines, I believe this product is ideal for dry winter months, and I'm thrilled to see the improvements as I continue to use it.

Their products are separated into different lines: -Facial: Moisturizing, Correcting and Anti-aging -Body line -MED line: For delicate skin - Decorative line: Natural decorative cosmetics, without chemicals, for the most sensitive skins.

It's a pity that you have not found your experiences of using Dr Hauschka products. I have been using the products for many years now and have found them great. The neem oil for nails does what it says - strengthens and protects your nails. In fact if you have very fragile nails or even bite them repeated use of this nail oil will cure these problems.The rhythemic conditioner ampoules also work. I use the ones for sensitive skin from time to time and they really do help my rather dry, fragile skin.Like any good product and its effectiveness it is crucial to get expert advice and guidance from someone who actually uses the product before you buy so that you use the products suited to you and you know how to use them correctly. I hope your trial works out well for you.

Jaime Milan completed her undergraduate degree in journalism and English literature at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. After graduation, Jaime worked in local news and as a marketing manager for a national coffee and tea company. She also freelanced for several major publications before joining Cooking Light in 2017 as an associate editor. From 2019 until 2022, she was digital editor for EatingWell, where she found her passion for creating news and lifestyle content.

Pregnancy safe beauty products can be super difficult and confusing. I have an entire guide devoted to what products are safe to use while pregnant including information on what ingredients to avoid while pregnant and a huge list of pregnancy safe skincare products.

The shampoo is fine for pregnancy and nursing. The conditioner has salicylate and is ok for nursing but not pregnancy, but depending on how you use it should be ok, discussion here: Hair products to worry about

Our friendly and experienced team including fully qualified nutritionists, are ready instore and over the phone to help answer your questions, offer hints and tips and help choose the right products for you.

A bit of summer colour in your complexion, while much desired, is not so easy to achieve. Even if you insist on exposing your face to the sun, a tan in that area never lasts long, and is absolutely not worth the risk of skin cancer or accelerated ageing. Then, when it comes to self-tan, even the best products can be a bit greasy, or can settle into enlarged pores.

All that said, however, the answer does not lie in a darker foundation: all that does is create a tidemark. However, a decent bronzer can be applied where the sun would naturally hit and give that 'whiter eyes, brighter-smile' effect instead of a mask of tan. Apply powder with a big brush and blend like mad, or try a liquid or gel for a more moist finish. And steer clear of anything with a hint of orange. Dull, brown bronzers can look mucky, but once applied, they should transform into a sheer tan colour, without any hint of Oompa Loompa.

As with other Dr Hauschka 'one colour suits all' products, this looks terrifying in the bottle -- a bit like mahogany wood varnish. However, one pump of the bottle gives you just enough thin liquid to apply a little sun to areas it might hit naturally, or to mix with body cream to apply to your legs or shoulders. "Amazingly sheer once you blend it in," a panellist said. "I'm a bit scared of dropping the glass bottle, but so long as I don't do that, this will last ages." 041b061a72


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