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Martin Gorshkov
Martin Gorshkov

Better Than Paul Allens Right.7z ((FREE))

The most essential feature of any cloud storage service is its file syncing, which pCloud does incredibly well, especially compared to a bare-bones service like MediaFire. pCloud also comes with a number of additional features that add to your experience; admittedly, some of these features are better than others.

Better than Paul Allens right.7z

Pcloud is the best so far.For those who have speed issue its best to uoload only using chrome browser, its way faster than there desktop application.I love it so far i have the 500gb plan and soon ill expand to the 2tb plan, i dont regret any penny spent on this awesone cloud. Way better than googledrive dropbox and onedrive as i tried all these and pcloud is way better.Thank you pcloud

Android app ; Good enough, but photo section is badly implemented (reported to tech support), as it shows photos by upload time/date instead of by the date that the photo was taken (exif/metadata). Music player seems a little bit better than web version. The interface is correct, but no dark-mode yet.

Further I did the Crypto trial. Not better than cross OS compatible Cryptomator, Boxcryptor and Veracrypt. Crypto is so limited it is useless to me on mobile. And several reports of losing files or file corruption with Crypto.

I really liked it when you mentioned putting the wet iPhone in a bag full of rice and wait for 36 hours. It was also helpful when you suggested not using enriched rice because the powder can get in the holes of the phone. My sister drop her iPhone in the toilet when she was in the bathroom earlier today, and now she is panicking. She did place it in rice, however, since it has been soaked for more than 10 seconds, I do not think rice can fix it. It might be better if I tell her to take it the pros rather than wait.

To all of the naysayers about the rice, it was better than doing nothing. Even if it does not last forever, maybe it will last until the upgrade is available. Until then, my next immediate act was to purchase a waterproof case.

You need to wait longer than a few hours, all electrical components within the iphone have to completely dry out, and depending on the level of submersion it can take days. Think about how long water takes to evaporate if splashed on a counter, and then think about how long water takes to evaporate in a small space without adequate air flow. Both take a while, just have patience if you want your iPhone to work again after getting wet. Silica gel packets in a zip lock bag work even better than rice. Good luck! 041b061a72


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