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Subtitle The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship ... ((EXCLUSIVE))

When I read The Lord of the Rings, I got a striking feeling that more than anything else, it is a story of friendship. Not magical devices, or fantastical creatures, or the perpetual battle between good and evil, but friendship lies at its core. Even the subtitle of the first volume, The Fellowship of the Ring, suggests it. It is friendship based on mutual love that binds the members of the semi-military company together in loyalty and makes it a fellowship. Moreover, towards the end, friendship, especially that of Frodo and Sam, turns out to be essential for the completion of the quest. Of course, no one doubts it now; many fans share the same view, and the power of friendship is what has made the book so appealing to so many generations of readers for sixty years. In addition, the importance of friendship is also acknowledged by prominent Tolkien scholars, but back when I was working on this paper, my knowledge on all things Tolkien was not as broad as it is now.

subtitle The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship ...




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