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Maksim Ustinov
Maksim Ustinov

Hungry Duck Club Sex Video

This was only the beginning. Sooner or later, every agency with the power to shut down a nightclub in the Moscow region (and plenty more without) made a special trip to check us out. All of a sudden, every cop in town was hanging around, just waiting to tag somebody for anything at all. The result: 164 criminal complaints against the Duck in just three months. 164!

hungry duck club sex video

I tried looking into different venues to move the Duck to, but I realized it was fruitless. City Police Chief Kulikov, a nice, reasonable man, told me that the Duck had pissed off too many important people, and that there was no way the Duck could open up anywhere in Moscow without encountering the same hassles. The Duck closed for good on March 15, 1999, exactly three years after my partners and I took over ownership of the club from the Chechen-Kalmyk group that started it up.

Jane is just another chicken bit in our duck soup, typical of the panicked and powerless betrayed who choose windbags like Limbaugh for a champion. People are so greedy and corrupt because they seek an individualistic escape through power. Those who win the lottery find a meaningless and empty existence at the "top." Jane, whatever your actual, age, gender or station, you have every justification for distrusting the entire system, including talk radio as well as Obama's empty promises. This is a failed and frustrating morass from bottom to top. That is why Dub doesn't care anymore. Why else would a landed patriarch, the scion of diplomats and CIA operatives, like David Eddy be so agitated in his discontent. Even he, a thoughtful and educated, free and privileged man, rages at us to love God and one another, to not be so greedy. And yet he exhibits the hypocracy of one with a log in the eye. For a long time I was deceived also, until I realized our only escape is communal and collective. I don't mean we'll have to share socks or sex partners either, just be of one conviction, that our economic system has repeatedly failed the majority and now threatens our environment.

Thanks you for "duck soup" and John Lithgow on the same program. The poetry was wonderful. Wish you had repeated the Lithgow poetry book. Got it on your webcast. "Duck Soup" was so accurate to our present time that it was prophetic. "If you ignore the past we will relive it". 350c69d7ab


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