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there's no reason you have to spend big bucks to get big performance when gaming. the amd ryzen 9 3900 series offer 7nm, 12c/24t 8-core and 12-core chips with up to 12mb of l3 cache and 64 pcie lanes, giving you plenty of processing power. meanwhile, intel's x299 chipset just got a refresh with its 32gb (or 64gb) of ddr4-2666 memory, multiple pci-express lanes and support for up to three 10gb ethernet ports. if you're willing to go slightly lower in price, both amd's and intel's 12-core options are great bang for your buck and offer solid performance in games like battlefield v and darksiders 3.

HD Online Player (500 days of summer download 1080p 11)

on a budget, the core i3 comes with just two cores. the i5 gets you more cores, less cache and weaker integrated graphics. if you really need four or eight cores on a budget, the i9 desktop cpu should serve as a good compromise. intel's recently-launched celeron line and its budget pentium options are worth considering too, as they can save you a lot of money. all these cpus work well with inexpensive graphics cards like the radeon rx 560 and rx 570 and nvidia's gtx 1050 or 1060 in this price range.

the new intel celeron, core i3, core i5, core i7, and core i9 cpus introduce more cores and higher base frequencies than their predecessors, but also bring intel's new scalar architecture-the same approach that its cpus use to boost performance for some of its latest graphics cards-to the desktop. that architecture allows intel to deliver up to twice the performance of beforeand maintains a similar tdp profile as before. for $300, you can get a quad-core celeron cpu and two graphics cards that are lower-end than their predecessors. if you're willing to go slightly higher in price, you can get intel's core i3, i5, and i7-965, or the xeon e3-1200 series, which offer significantly better clock speeds and higher base frequencies, more cores, and beefier integrated graphics. on the consumer end of the spectrum, intel's new celeron gold processors offer better graphics performance, the latest generation of processors, and the option of overclocking up to 3.4ghz for good performance while gaming at 1080p.


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