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Both Luna and Queen Beryl wonder if a visiting princess could be the one the Sailor Senshi has been looking for. Mamoru dreams he is Tuxedo Mask and a girl is asking him for the Silver Crystal. At the ball, Usagi gets her first kiss.


As Usagi runs late to school, she notices a lot of police checkpoints on the roads. She wonders about them, as Naru walks past, looking depressed as she recalls what happened not long ago with Sanjouin.

At Hikawa Shrine, Luna tells the others about how this could be the Princess they have been searching for all along. That's when Ami suggests going to the embassy that night to at least catch a glimpse of Princess D.

Nephrite seeks out Naru in the crowd before requesting a dance from her, she falls again for the Sanjouin persona and agrees. Distracted, Usagi bumps into a woman with a glass, getting a drink all over her gown. Tuxedo Mask searches around the reception, wondering if the Silver Crystal could really restore his memories. He sees Usagi, recognising her from somewhere and then starts to recall his dream.

She steals the treasure and runs onto the balcony to drop it down to Nephrite, when Usagi interferes. They struggle for the item, as Usagi's pushed off the balcony. Tuxedo Mask grabs her hand just in time, saving her from falling. Nephrite is about to end the both of them when Sailor Mars stops his attack with Fire Soul, appearing alongside Sailor Mercury. Usagi and Tuxedo Mask fall as they both lose strength, but Luna passes them an umbrella to float down to safety.

The preview trailer for episode 22, shown after the ED on episode 21, opens with a close-up shot of Fiona looking her usually steely self as Loid looks concerned about something whilst standing in his bedroom.

The Vinland Saga episode 22 release date should be December 16, 2019. Vinland Saga tends to go up every Monday without fail at the same time each week, no matter where you live. This is true of the subbed version of the show, at least.

The anime can be watched with original Japanese audio and English subtitles on AnimeLab (Australia and New Zealand), Funimation (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland), Hulu, and Wakanim (Scandinavia and the Netherlands). Italian subtitled version is available on VVVVID. German, Russian, and French subtitled versions are available on Wakanim. And Spanish and Portuguese subtitled versions are available on Funimation.

Satoko subsequently wakes up in her old room on June 10, 1983. She initially convinces herself that what she remembers from the previous loop is a long dream. However, after experiencing déjà vu after déjà vu, she has no choice but to accept the reality. Despite her horrible experience at St. Lucia in the previous loop, Satoko still agrees to attend the school with Rika. At St. Lucia, there is again a divide between the two friends, with Satoko once more feeling alienated and betrayed. She pulls her final prank in this loop and kills herself and Rika by making a large chandelier fall on them. 041b061a72


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