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End Of The Road

Using modern urban design examples, it challenges readers to focus not only on the livability and travel benefits of roads, but on how the power of streets can be harnessed. In so doing, it shapes more dynamic spaces for walking, biking and living, and aims to stimulate urban vitality and community regeneration, encouraging policymakers and individuals to make changes in their own communities.

End of the Road

Ogden: Liverpool have been Champions League heavyweights for five years -- playing in three finals and winning one of them -- but their 5-2 defeat at home to Real Madrid on Tuesday looked like the end of the road for many of Jurgen Klopp's team.

It is perhaps the closest of all of the eight round-of-16 ties in terms of the strength and quality of both teams. Neither will win this season's Champions League and the quarterfinals will probably be the end of the road for whichever side goes through. But even though Tottenham's home record at their new stadium is patchy in the Champions League -- Bayern Munich, Ajax Amsterdam and RB Leipzig have all recorded easy wins at Spurs -- Conte's side should make it through.

The report is based on a study commissioned by CPRE and carried out by consultants Transport for Quality of Life (TfQL), which examined 86 official studies of completed road schemes. The TfQL research is available here. 041b061a72


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