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Jordan Irwin - Forget Me

CHURCH, Jordan Michael Jordan Michael Church, 20, of Canton, joined his mother in eternal life Tuesday evening, (July 25, 2006). Born February 22, 1986, Jordan was the beloved son of the late Ruth Ann Church, and resided in Canton with his "auntie" Bonnie and her children throughout his teen years. As a 2004 graduate of Canton High School, he excelled in athletics and was always eager to help a friend in need. No matter how challenging his own life was, Jordan was the first to help out others less fortunate than he. His kind, gentle spirit shone through his generosity, laughter and warm smile. As a free spirit, he did what he wanted and enjoyed his life to the fullest. Besides his mother, Jordan was predeceased by his maternal grandfather, Donald Church. He is survived by his maternal grandmother, Rachel Jordan; cousins, Jeremy, Lindsey, Christine, Evan, and Jeremy's daughter, Angelina; his aunt Bonnie; uncles, Donald and James; great uncle and aunt, Bob and Maureen, as well as innumerable close friends. The entire community Jordan was such a significant part of will miss him dearly, and will never forget the individual and special ways in which he touched their lives. A memorial service will be held Saturday, July 29, 10 a.m. at Canton High School, Bowdoin Field. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be sent in his memory to Canton High School, 76 Simonds Ave, Canton, CT 06019. Vincent Funeral Home, 120 Albany Turnpike, Canton has charge of the arrangements.

Jordan Irwin - Forget Me

I will never forget how Bernie got me the meds I needed when I had severe flu at age 8! It was on a weekend and Bernie opened his pharmacy and mixed the meds just for me. Thanks to him, I am now 79! Thank you Bernie.

Matt will be missed tremendously. We will never forget Matt, continuing to honor and speak of him often. Matt was always happy, funny and one of the most generous people I knew. I love you Matt. May you Rest In Peace and forever be your families guardian angel.

I'll never forget the wonderful day I spent with Terry and Kathryn in 2017, sailing on San Francisco Bay aboard the Santa Maria, skippered by Captain Dave. Terry shared many amazing stories about sailing around the world.

A mother never forgets those who offer support and acceptance of their child. This is what Susie meant to our family - support and friendship. From our first meeting at Chehalem Elementary, she became an advocate for our son. Time went on, we stayed in contact and the events we shared together always were teaching moments - the art of living life. How precious are our memories of this wonderful lady. We were honored to be in attendance Friday. We pray for comfort for Tom, Joel and Emilie and family.

Pat Gaddis... she was an unforgettable lady and friend to many of her children's friends. Pat was like a second mom to many of us who were fortunate to have spent time in the Gaddis household. Godspeed Pat, you will long be remembered, and missed.

Amy's family and friends- I am so, so sorry you lost such a beloved soul. Amy was a joy to everyone around her. Kind, funny, helpful, and genuine. Everyone who loved her will never forget her, and I am happy she got the time on this earth that she did. Thinking of everyone grieving from this incredible loss. Amy, you deserve the world, and will never be forgotten. So much love to you.

I will hold in my heart the memory of Joshua. He was always so kind and polite. He seemed to deeply care for the people he surrounded himself with. We will not forget him. I hope the beautiful memories of his life bring you healing and peace.

In reading this most beautiful, heartfelt and loving tribute to Kevin, I am moved by the richness of the experiences of him by those who knew him best, and by his legacy of love in having donated bone marrow to his brother, Jake. I will never forget, Cathy, the day you discovered that Kevin was a match for Jake. Were it not for his selfless, lifesaving gift, there might not be the three beautiful children who have added so much love and happiness to your extraordinary family. May Kevin Rest In Peace, and may you and all his loved ones find comfort and peace in memories and fellowship.

I met Kevin when he was a colicky infant - but when he stopped crying, his gorgeous eyes, his smile and his cute cowlick made you forget that he ever cried! I had the opportunity to meet up with Kevin a number of times over the years. There was no crying when we got together - only smiles, laughs and his urge to share his favourite. eateries. Kevin was generous with whatever he had - and the courage that he mustered to get on a plane and donate stem cells was astounding! He showed me courage that I rarely get to see. When I get into a hard spot and have to muster up courage, he is one of my sources of strength.

I was blessed to have met my cousin Cherie during my college years back in the mid 60's, Cherie and daughter Kristie, came to Montana on a vacation to visit relatives and to see our area of Montana. They seemed so happy and joyful that I wrote to thank them for their visit upon their return back home. Thus, a wonderful family friendship had started.As I look back in remembrance of Cherie, I think of how meaningful and encouraging she was along my life's journey. What a wonderful,caring lady Cherie was to me and to others that she touched. Unforgetable were the family ski trips to Mount Hood, the exciting salmon fishing trips on the mouth of the Columbia, River and the enchantment of the trip through Oregon's Lava Cast Forest.I will always remember Cherie as one of the "shining stars" to my life. May Cherie's wonderful family and friends hold memories of her deeply and tightly within their hearts. Thank you, Cherie, may you rest in peace. . .

John was a family friend, my Dad chose friends carefully. Looking back it was a friendship built on the shared values of hard work, family and respect for each other as successful small business owners co-existing in a very small place... everyone knows your name and what you are made of. John was unfailingly kind and welcoming in every interaction I had with him. Generosity is another thing that made him unforgettable to myself and my family. I will always remember John.

My husband Frank and I will never forget she was kind to come to us while we were in the church service. We were going to be marry in few months i the back then..She was kind to introduce herself to us and wanted to take our pictures on our wedding day in church free of charge""..She is going to be miss """.We are sorry we have lost a wonderful person""Sister in christ""

Kyle, Thank you became my family.The first time I visit the US you and your family treated Chio and me very well, that's why I decided to visit Portland several times. One day we went to a pool and played there, I saw your wonderful smile.You treated us like real old sisters, I was glad to be that. The days we stayed together is my treasure, I can't say well but it's true. I hope the last time you didn't sufferer anything and stay happy place forever. Thank you again Kyle I'll never forget your smile and the fact I had little brother in Portland. Love you.

She and Joe were godparents to Bruce and my kids after saving my daughter's life in a fire. Endless nights and days of spending all of our free time together. She was my best freind, the sister I never had. I will never forget her and our bond we carried over 39 years. I love you Rhonda and the angels don't know what's in store fore them. You will be the light in the heavens.

Dear Margie,Well, another year is over and this time we're graduating seniors. I'm going to miss good old Roosevelt High something awful, aren't you? Especially certain people. I sure hope you don't stay in California this summer forever. I'm counting on going to college with you. I hope we can be as good friends at the University as we have been in high school. We have had a lot of fun, haven't we? Staying overnite at each others houses, those college mixers, the junior class (male that is), bicycle riding--just lots and lots of things. I'll never forget. You've sure been a swell friend to have, and I really appreciate your advice and counsel (spelling?) I'm a person that needs understanding, I think, and you've given me that. And I've had the feeling that if all else should fail, I'd still have Margie. Honestly, your name is on every single page of my diary, and that's just an example of how much you mean to me. I hope we can always be friends like we have been. I hope we are for all four years of college. And even if one of us should get married before that I hope we'll remember each other. And even when we're both married and maybe move away, I hope we will always keep in touch with each other. In closing--to the most wonderful pal a gal ever had. Love, JanetA note found in the Roosevelt High School Yearbook of '47-48 "Strenuous Life"

I met Connie when we worked at Westridge Elementary School. As school secretary, by her beautiful smile and gentle ways, she was loved by all adults and especially children. My husband and I took an unforgettable float trip with Connie and Larry through the Grand Canyon via the Colorado River. Connie and Larry were part of our Westridge book club for many seasons. An amazing couple that will be dearly missed. ?

Even after 2 years I still think about how amazing of a teacher she was. She helped me find my creative voice when it came to writing. She was so kind and supportive and I'll never forget what a joy it was to be able to get feedback from her on something I was working on, or anything like that. I'm so grateful for her.

The Speciales lived 2 doors down from my parent's home on s.e. 60th. I have many memories of going to their home and sitting outside on the patio. Fay is always in my memories of Summer at 60th avenue. I will never forget. Thank youFaye.

Jenny, or Ginger as we knew her, would always welcome me into her and Ed's home on weekends while I was serving in the Navy in Florida. We shared a lot of fun times taking the boys to the beach and she always went out of her way to cook something special while I was there. I will never forget her giggle, she could make the sun come out on a cloudy day. 041b061a72


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