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Use Eagle Dongle

This product is licensed using New Eagle's common licensing infrastructure that supports either a dongle or a software-based node-locked license. For more information please view the Raptor Licensing page

Use Eagle Dongle

Customers can choose to purchase either a node-locked or dongle-based version of the Raptor-Service software. A dongle is a small USB device the contains the software license. The advantage of a USB dongle is that the software license can easily be passed from one computer to another. A node-locked license, on the other hand, lives on the computer itself and eliminates the need for any external licensing hardware. Node-locked licenses cannot be lost or come lost, which can be problematic for USB license dongles. While node-locked licenses can be transferred from one computer to another, the process is not as simple and fast as removing a USB dongle from one computer and plugging it in to another computer.

The $129 EarMen Eagle is a rather refined sounding dac & amp that beats it immediate peers in terms of sound quality. It is the lowest priced dongle offering premium sound quality (of all the ones I have tested) imo.

Another easier hack if trying to use a 11-50t cog:-Rival/Apex1 RD type 3 clutch-Get a pulley & cage from any eagle rd sx to xx1 which ever fits your budget. Less finicky, Leaves you with a road shifter friendly rd with a barrel adjuster intact (rivals have built in barrel adjusters vs force1 with removable one and replacable with a pulley).* Note why i didnt call for a force1 rd.Most force1 rds would be fitted with a 2.1 clutch which has the cage lock not matched to an eagle rd. Further it would cost you more.

In eagle you create *.sch and *.brd files, than you can run script that convert it to gerber files under some rules (GBL,GBO,GBS,GTL,GTO,GTS,GTP,drill.txt ) and from there sending it to batchPCB, few week later you will get in mail your designed PCB

The ground plane should be as big as possible, if you look at the USB dongle reference design you will see that layer 2 is used entierly for ground. I guess you are making a 2-layer board. In that case you should use the top layer for as much as possible of the routing, and fill as much as possible of the bottom layer with ground plane. Do remember to follow the layout of the reference designs closely and do also remember to put vias in the ground pad of the chip (center pad, EPG).

At these Games, some competitors have won gold, some have broken records and some of you have even soared like an eagleFrank King, President of the Organizing Committee speaking at the closing ceremony of the 1988 Winter Olympics

Since WE desert eagles (non L6) arent spec'd to Weaver style mounts i decided to make my own! (i half effortly used calipers for measuring). Now i think this is ONLY for WE models, i dont have other airsoft models to test with.

Microsoft recently removed the IrDA feature from Windows 10. It is easy to re-add this feature if you need to use an IrDA dongle. The following steps will add the feature and allow the IrDA device to properly install the device drivers and start the device operation.

This tutorial demonstrates how to flash CircuitPython onto an inexpensive nRF52840 dongle using OpenOCD and a Raspberry Pi. The Bluefruit LE Connect app will also be used to control the dongle from a mobile phone using BLE.

It mates well with the nRF52840 dongle. The 3 outer pins slide through the board while the spring pins make contact with the SWD interface. You can physically hold it in place during programming or use a retaining clip sold separately to secure it. My Tag-Connect 2050 came with a 10 pin plug so I etched a small adapter board. Here are the eagle files.

I am unable to find potentiometer Dual in diptrace (free version). can any body or John Teel help me ?. I was so far using eagle software free version. as this is limited in board size I just switched to diptrace after reading this post. I also tried KiCad. Among all these three I feel Eagle is very easy and easy learn.

Release Notes1. Upgraded to Mendel 5.0 (eagle)1.a. Upgraded U-Boot bootloader to v2019.041.b. Upgraded Vivante GPU drivers1.c. Added support for new 2 GB and 4 GB SoM configurations1.d. Separated /home with a partition layout change, so the Home directory is now preserved across system flashes1.e. Moved all Mendel packages to a more stable APT repository2. Supported RTL8814AU USB Wi-Fi dongle3. Supported USB remote wakeup via keyboard/mouse connected to type C connector4. Supported T230H display


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