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This 100-page garden workbook, journal, and seed saver will help you keep track of your monthly tasks, gardening expenses, planting log, This book contains the following:

  • Zone 6 planting guide chart
  • 12 pages of monthly chores with space to personalize
  • 12 pages of guided logging of what went well and what to change next year
  • 3 pages consisting of lists of shade loving plants, vegetables, and herbs
  • 2 pages of gridlines for planning your garden, with a 1-page example
  • 6 blank pages to plan your beds, with a 1-page example
  • 2 register pages to log garden expenses and notes
  • 18 pages (36 total) of notecards to log plants growing
  • 37 pages (74 total) of seed saving templates for vegetables, herbs, and fruit... including blanks!

Garden Workbook, Journal, and Seed Saver

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