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Subtitle Erin Brockovich

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subtitle Erin Brockovich

A. By happy chance I have just finished exploring "Casablanca" during my annual 10-hour stop-action film analysis at the Conference on World Affairs at the Univ. of Colorado. We played Lorre's speech again and again. It sounded like "DeGaulle" to me, but others said he was actually saying "General Weygand." Somebody suggested we look at the DVD's subtitles. The English subtitles are quite clear: "DeGaulle." Somebody asked what the French subtitles said. They were quite clear, too: "Weygand."

Download Erin Brockovich Malay subtitle. Here you will get the Malay subtitle of Erin Brockovich movie. The story of this movie was written by Susannah Grant And Steven Soderbergh has directed this movie. Julia Roberts, Albert Finney, David Brisbin are the leading character of this movie. Erin Brockovich is a Biography, Drama movie. Erin Brockovich movie got an average of 7.3 out of 10 in IMDB from a total of 175,441 votes. This movie was released on 17 March 2000 (USA).

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  • Actor IS the Title Character

  • Amoral Attorney: Pretty much the entire PG&E legal team. Also the guy representing the doctor who hit Erin's car and injured her, trying to make her look like a promiscuous money-grubbing liar.

  • Subverted with the lawyers with whom Erin and Ed join forces. They're not incompetent and they're determined to fight for the plaintiffs, but they also clearly don't see the people as anything more than a name and a case number, unlike Erin, who cares about them and knows every detail of their lives.

  • Beauty Is Bad: The other secretaries take an instant dislike to Erin. Her often abrasive personality probably doesn't help, but their attitudes seem to be based solely on how she looks and dresses.

  • Because I Said So: Played for a surprising amount of drama when Erin explains the water contamination to one of the residents of Hinkley. The mother looks outside in horror at her kids in a swimming pool and rushes to get them out. When the kids ask why they have to get out, she yells, "Because I said so!"

  • Based on a True Story

  • Blatant Lies: "There are plenty of other places I could find work."

  • Break Them by Talking: Averted. The young mail clerk sent by PG&E to offer a measly $250,000 to one family tries to impress on Ed how hopeless his Crusading Lawyer actions will be as PG&E is worth $28 Billion dollars. Ed guffaws awe at this before exploding in the office with Erin at how insulting the offer was.

  • Covers Always Lie: The shot of Erin on the DVD cover never appears in the movie, save for a deleted scene.

  • Dirty Old Man: Erin thinks an old guy, Charles Embry, who keeps lurking around since the Hinkley community barbeque, is one of these. Although he does express some interest in her, it turns out he was just working up the nerve to tell her some sensitive information regarding the PG&E case.

  • Disappeared Dad: Erin's two exes. Given the implication that she's receiving no financial help from either of them, they're deadbeats as well.

  • Fallen-on-Hard-Times Job: Ed Masrey's law practice is portrayed as a small-time study in diminished expectations.

  • Foregone Conclusion: Anyone who is familiar with Brockovich's story will know that her lawsuit against Pacific Gas & Electric will be successful.

  • The Foreign Subtitle: In Brazil, the movie has the subtitle Uma Mulher de Talento (A Woman of Talent).

  • Happily Married: A few throwaway lines of dialogue and some deleted scenes establish Ed and his never-seen wife as this.

  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Erin tends to flip out and fly off the handle at anything she perceives as an insult. And God help you if it was meant as an insult. Sometimes it comes in handy, such as when she tells off the PG&E lawyer offering a paltry $20 million settlement, but it's usually a problem, as evidenced by the fact that Ed has to all but beg her to keep her mouth shut at an important meeting.

  • Hello, Attorney!: Or rather, Hello Legal Assistant, in Erin's case.

  • Henpecked Husband: Or boyfriend, rather. Not until the end of the movie does George get an ounce of gratitude from Erin for taking care of her kids while she's at work.

  • Historical Hero Upgrade: Brockovich. The movie portrays her as a tireless activist purely because it's The Right Thing To Do. It leaves out the fact that she was after a very sizable cut of the $333 million settlement as well and made millions of dollars that way... or at the least, it portrays this as a "happy side effect".

  • Her boyfriend George also. In the movie, he's just an all-around Nice Guy. In Real Life, shortly after the movie was released, he tried to blackmail her by threatening to tell the media that she was an unfit mother and that she and Ed had had an affair.

  • I Broke a Nail: Erin, right before her car gets T-boned at the start of the film.

  • I Have Boobs, You Must Obey!:Erin: They're called boobs, Ed.

  • Lady Swearsalot: Erin. The real Erin Brockovich admits on her website that this part of her portrayal is accurate: "Yes, I had a potty mouth in the movie and I still do."

  • A Million is a Statistic: Averted. Over the course of her investigations, Erin comes to know every single one of the 600 or so residents of Hinkley, to the surprise of a couple of less-attached lawyers.

  • Needle in a Stack of Needles: PG&E's method of destroying the incriminating memos is to mix them in with stacks of unimportant documents and have a random employee shred them all at once. In the end it was unsuccessful - they never counted on the employee in question bothering to read what he was shredding.

  • Not in My Backyard!: One of the main reasons people find the story compelling.

  • The Not-Love Interest: Erin and Ed. Justified since Ed is married.

  • Oh, Crap!: Donna Jensen realizing her kids are swimming in contaminated water.

  • Only in It for the Money: Subverted by Ed when he and Erin explain that he'll receive 40% of the settlement from PG&E if they win; Erin assures the town that she had concerns about that distribution herself, until Ed clarified that if the lawsuit failed he wouldn't get any money either.

  • Oscar Bait: A Rags to Riches drama about a twice divorced, single mother that discovers that a multi-billion dollar corporation has contaminated the water of a small town.

  • Race Lift: The Real Life man on whom George is based on is Mexican-American.

  • Rags to Riches: Erin goes from having $16 in her bank account to landing a steady job, getting raise after raise, a $5,000 bonus plus a new car, and finally, a $2 million check. The citizens of Hinkley count too. Although the way the PG&E settlement money was distributed is not known, it's likely that they're all better off financially then they were before.

  • Real Person Cameo: The real Erin Brockovich plays a waitress (lampshaded, as the waitress's name tag is "Julia"). Judge Le Roy A. Simmons, the actual judge that presided over the arbitration pre-trial hearing, came out of retirement to cameo as himself and gave the same decision.

  • Very Loosely Based on a True Story: There's an interesting but very different story about underhanded industry lawyers hiring gumshoes to illegally invade the privacy of common citizens, and a pair of lawyers with an uncomfortably close relationship to the arbitration judge. The real Brockovich and her team of lawyers were also less than above board in how they distributed funds to the Hinkley residents (see here).

  • Water Source Tampering: PG&E tries to cover up the fact that they were poisoning the groundwater of Hinkley, California with Hexavalent Chromium, which resulted in most of the town suffering from severe illnesses, including cancer.

  • Wham Line: "Would it be important if, when I worked at the plant, I destroyed documents?"

  • Wham Shot: Erin's $2 million check.

Steven Soderbergh's feature films present a diverse range of subject matter and formal styles: from the self-absorption of his breakthrough hit "Sex, Lies, and Videotape" to populist social problem films such as "Erin Brockovich," and from the modernist discontinuity of "Full Frontal" and filmed performance art of "Gray's Anatomy" to a glossy, star-studded action blockbuster such as "Ocean's Eleven." Using a combination of realism and expressive stylization of character subjectivity, Soderbergh's films diverge from the contemporary Hollywood mainstream through the statements they offer on issues including political repression, illegal drugs, violence, environmental degradation, the empowering and controlling potential of digital technology, and economic inequality.

In the other corner: "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," sporting colorful Chinese costumes and the most dancelike fight scenes this side of a Hong Kong martial-arts festival - with characters zipping up walls, jumping over parapets, and leaping among leafy boughs with a physical grace that Western superheroes like Batman and Superman couldn't begin to master. Will the academy forget its proud Hollywood roots, its general aversion to subtitles, and its longtime preference for homegrown productions - and allow an overseas visitor to sweep the Oscar race? 041b061a72


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