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Handel And His Orbit

Powered orbital trade beacons are required to engage in orbital trade. A comms console is required to find and contact trade ships. Beacons can be used to pay factions for ransom or persona core information. All silver and other tradeable items within a beacon's radius are available to offer. Animals don't need to be within the beacon's radius to be traded away.

Handel and His Orbit

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Orbital trade beacons can be used to exploit the spawning behavior of drop pod raiders. By building a beacon outside of your base, a percentage of drop pod raiders will be spawned there outside your defenses instead of in the middle of your base. This can be further exploited by placing defenses such as IED traps around the landing site. Note that received trade goods will still be sent to this "bait" beacon, so it must still be safely accessible to colonists. Alternatively, the bait beacon can be powered off just before receiving trade goods and then switched back for daily operation, ensuring that the goods will land in a safe place inside your base. However, the player should decide if this is worth it as this causes additional micromanagement during already time-sensitive orbital trades.

At the January media junket, nearly every astronaut who spoke about the series said it managed to capture a little bit of what's known as "the orbital perspective" or "the overview effect," which refers to a greater sense of connectedness to the planet than many astronauts report feeling either during or after their journey to space. (One astronaut even wrote a book about it.) The show's creators say they wanted the overall theme to be the connectedness of all life on Earth, and the astronauts' orbital perspective provided the perfect knowledge pool to draw on.

We develop a new theory of orbit forcing for homeomorphisms of surfaces in the isotopy class of the identity and we present some applications. In particular, we extend Franks and Handel's classification of entropy zero maps of the sphere to nonwandering homeomorphisms, showing that such maps have an almost integrable behaviour, and also a Handel result for transitive maps of S2. We also show that any homeomorphism of the open annullus which satisfies the Birkhoff instability condition and whose rotation set has two different points must have positive topological entropy. 350c69d7ab


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