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Map Indonesia Fbl 2013

Since 2010 we have been developing engineering consulting business, mainly ODA projects of JICA. Furthermore, as we acquired Foreign Business License (FBL) of Thailand in 2013, we got orders from expressway companies and others in Thailand.

map indonesia fbl 2013

The Star wrote in 2007 that "Mister Donut has gained a following among mostly younger Japanese for its American-style doughnuts, decor and music, becoming the country's biggest donut chain."[18] On September 13, 2013, a survey by the Japanese retail research company, Softbrain Field, surveyed close to 6000 Japanese citizens of all ages on their favorite fast food restaurant. Mister Donut came in third, at 17%, behind McDonald's at 33% and MOS Burger at 25%.[19]

In the financial year ended 31 July 2013, Coventry University had a total income of 220.43 million and a total expenditure of 199.71 million.[51] Key sources of income included 136.53 million from tuition fees and contracts, 45.18 million from funding body grants, 8.82 million in research grants and contracts, 1.96 million from investment and endowment income, and 27.92 million from other income.[51]

The People & Planet Green League 2013, a UK ranking based on environmental and ethical performance, placed Coventry 43rd, gaining a 'First Class' rating.[84] According to the 2013 National Student Survey, 90% of Coventry University students were satisfied with their course.[85]

Facilities provided through partnerships Coventry has with private companies, such as Unite, Liberty Living and Derwent Living,[94] include Liberty Park (shared with the University of Warwick), Trinity Point, Paradise Place, Sherbourne House, Callice Court and Raglan House. New accommodation facilities shared with the University of Warwick down the city's Trinity Street and Market Way opened in autumn 2010, with two more along Corporation Street and Greyfriars Lane opening the following year.[93] Further plans to expand accommodation for Coventry students in the city centre was announced in April 2013 with the expected conversion of the former Hotel Leofric into student flats.[95] 350c69d7ab


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