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[S9E9] Tough Love

We talked to Comedian and Musician Joe Currie about growing upand working with fellow Long Island comedy greats Anthony Cumia andAdam Ferrara, how George Carlin's album helped him get through somevery tough times as a kid, his love of music and formation of hisband Fragile Sky, take on cancel culture and more. For...

[S9E9] Tough Love

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As Aaron and the home cooks begin cooking, Gordon and Joe discuss possible pitfalls. The crawfish is easy to overcook. The redfish has a tough skin and is currently whole. If they want to use it, the cooks need to filet, descale, and debone it. Right away, you can see that the cooks from land-locked states are at a disadvantage. Many of them have never seen a crawfish and have never worked with such fresh product.

Gerron serves a steak stuffed with bacon and cheddar and topped with fried onions, along with green beans cooked in bacon fat. I was worried it would be too heavy, but the judges love it. Ashley serves meat that is a little bland but all her other components are on point.

The next morning, Butters arrives at school dressed as a new girl named Marjorine. Heidi's mother later tells her that she received a phone call from Marjorine's mother (who was really Cartman) asking if Marjorine could go to the party. "She" apparently said that she works as a governor's assistant and that Mrs. Turner should "respect her authoritah" (authority). Butters, having little idea of what to do at girls' parties, is very awkward. After Marjorine screams in fear as the girls play "Light as a feather, stiff as a board", they insult her about her clothing and body. This causes Butters to get upset, and he runs into Heidi's bathroom crying; locking himself in. Wendy and Bebe, who were gentler than the other girls, say that they were probably too hard on Marjorine, saying that, "it must be tough being the new kid", causing the girls immediately realize that they were wrong to tease her as they did. They persuade Marjorine to come out of the bathroom, then they give her a makeover, and invite her to dance.

This may be the first time that we have heard of a character before the episode they were introduced in. In fact, in S8 we heard about Smoulder's brother in the episode "Molt Down"When Smoulder says, " I love my brother and all, but one whiff of that and he was gone." Sorry if quote was not exact.

If you told me back in Season 6 that Garble was redeemable, I would've laughed in your face. But this episode somehow made it work. It was a bit of a shaky beginning, but as time went on, we got to see cracks in Garble's tough guy act. And the subplot with the cold eggs really tied everything together.

Also I really REALLY want to point out how much I love Momashy in this episode and I loved how she said that she wanted to take all of those cute baby dragons with her. I always wondered how things would have been if Spike was raised around Fluttershy instead of Twilight. Orignally Fluttershy was afraid of dragons and I guess being around Spike has made her courageous.

Ok I really liked this episode. Considering she made a full grown dragon cry way back in season 1 it makes sense that Fluttershy would be the one to be able to talk some sense into Garble and I loved how excited she got over the baby dragons. Ember might want to count them all before Fluttershy leaves or else there might be some missing.

As you said Mosely is still arrogant and unlikeable. For the life of me, I cannot even fathom how TPTB replaced two incredible actors, one of whom won an academy award with an actress who delivers every line in a flat, yet arrogant tone. On a purely personal note/rant, I really love this show and I do not want it to end this season. I want the bullpen scenes back, I want the main cast of four talking to each other. I want to see much more of Deeks and Kensi, I want my Deeks, M episode. I want to see a Densi wedding.

There were things I loved in this episode, for example Deeks interacting with children is one of my favorite things (wished there had been more of that) and that Densi scene in the car was great. Benny Boom is a great director and I loved those booms and action scenes. I, too, really miss those bullpen scenes that sassyzazzi mentioned, the main cast has great on-screen chemistry and I really wish we could see more of that.

Despite the countless heartwarming storylines on Modern Family, and how well fans feel that they know each character after 11 seasons, there are some moments, episodes, and quotes that have made fans cringe. There are some ongoing plotlines that feel tough to watch, along with some smaller scenes that fans think are frustrating and unnecessary.

While fans will always love the sweet and caring characters on this sitcom, and there are many hilarious plotlines and moving moments of change, Reddit users are talking about the parts of Modern Family that make them cringe.

Reddit user JustJohn8 cringes at "Any Valentine's Day episode" and one Redditor agreed, "so uncomfortable." Fans find it cringeworthy when Phil and Claire pretend to be Clive Bixby and Julianna every Valentine's Day. While viewers love seeing how much the couple loves each other, this can be a bit much to watch.

The season 9 episode "Daddy Issues" is definitely tough to watch. Gloria invites Jorge, her ex-boyfriend, over, and when everyone thinks that he looks and acts like Manny, she suggests that he could be Manny's father instead of Javier. This is a horrible prank to pull on Manny, who is genuinely upset.

In the season 1 episode "The Bicycle Thief," Jay says that Luke has a "girly" bike, which is problematic and cringeworthy, and Luke thinks that someone has stolen Luke's new bike. The storyline also involves Phil crushing on a neighbor named Desiree, and these scenes are tough to watch as well. 041b061a72


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