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The Big Bang Theory Free __HOT__ Watch Online

The Big Bang Theory used to be exclusive to Stan, but Foxtel made a deal (reportedly worth more than $100 million) with HBO Max to snap up the broadcast rights. As a result, you can now watch every episode of The Big Bang Theory on Binge. Plans start at $10 AUD per month, following a two-week free trial.

the big bang theory free watch online

The recent highly publicized fight over two bills aimed atcracking down on online piracy threw a spotlight on this same disconnectbetween the Internet industry and the media giants of Hollywood and New York.Despite lobbying by big players like the Motion Picture Association ofAmerica, lawmakers abandoned the bills after tech companies and groups, andordinary Internet users, mounted a frenzy of protests, saying the bills wouldhurt Internet freedom and innovation.

Today, Comedy Central makes every episode of ''SouthPark,'' ''The Daily Show'' and ''TheColbert Report'' available free online. The efforts, Mr. Flannigansaid, put a big dent in piracy. As for the television industry as a whole,Mr. Flannigan said: ''You might not like the windows, or that showsgo up and come down, but it's a far cry from where we were.''


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