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Martin Gorshkov
Martin Gorshkov

Not Your Average New Years Day Countdown (UUP).mp4 ##HOT##

Adding video to your Shopify store makes your product pages convert more shoppers into customers. By more clearly illustrating the benefits of your product, average order value (AOV) can also get a boost.

Not Your Average New Years Day Countdown (UUP).mp4

Download Zip:

Bars & Tone/Slates:Do not use Bars & Tone. Do not use a countdown. Entries may not be divided into chapters. Entries may use a single title graphic (slate) to identify the entry, if desired. Please note on your slate whether your entry is 16x9 or 4x3. Use 16 x 9 full frame, not anamorphic.

If your entries are URL/links:If you use this option, we recommend that you follow the file size and formats above. You must keep the links active through the entire process and we will need .mov or .mp4 files for the ceremony and winners showcase. 041b061a72


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