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The Space Police [PATCHED]

The Space Rescue Police are in charge of saving those who are victimized in outer space. However, when Channel 5 gets involved in a related crisis that they're handling, the Space Rescue Police wind up being the ones in need of saving.

The Space Police

Space Channel Part 2 marks the first physical appearance of the Space Police's dedicated police department. Pine and her backup crew orders Channel 5 the horde of other reporters heading towards Point Double X to not disrupt the investigation into President Peace's kidnapping. When Channel 5 refuses to leave, they open fire and eventually face off against Ulala and Noize in a drumming battle. Later Pine teams up with Ulala in order to take down Purge.

"Space is the world's newest war-fighting domain," President Trump said during the signing ceremony. "Amid grave threats to our national security, American superiority in space is absolutely vital. And we're leading, but we're not leading by enough. But very shortly we'll be leading by a lot."

"This is not a farce. This is nationally critical," Gen. John Raymond, who will lead the Space Force, told reporters on Friday. "We are elevating space commensurate with its importance to our national security and the security of our allies and partners."

The new service branch essentially repackages and elevates existing military missions in space from the Air Force, Army and Navy, said Todd Harrison, who directs the Aerospace Security Project at the Center for Strategic & International Studies.

Military systems in space provide crucial information to the troops. For example, GPS satellites help the military hit targets precisely. Satellites gather intelligence, detecting things like missile launches. They're also used for communication and collect data on the weather.

Johnson-Freese also points out that at this point, if there ever was a war in space, the space force wouldn't actually be fighting it. The U.S. Space Command, a separate joint command that was established earlier this year, would be in charge of combat.

Space Police KaisersJapanese Name宇宙警察カイザーズLeaderExkizerPurposePolice ForceBased InEarthKnown Active Years2001-2002StatusActiveReal-World InformationAppeared InThe Brave Fighter ExkizerThe Space Police Kaisers (宇宙警察カイザーズ Uchū Keisatsu Kaizāzu) are the protagonist faction of The Brave Fighter Exkizer television series. They are mechanical energy beings from the planet Kaiser Star, and as all of them has a strong sense of courage and justice, they became the policemen of space. It seems that Exkizer's team alone doesn't form the entire force, as other Kaisers have visited Earth before and left behind several powerful artifacts for the next generation of Kaisers' use (which includes a Kizer Sword and an Energy Lifeform Capturing Device). Exkizer's team came to Earth and battled the Space Pirate Geisters during 2001-2002.

Snake made another appearance in set #5980. In this set, he took his spacecraft to Squidman's workshop, presumably for a repair. One of the Skull Twins was present as well. However, a Space Police officer came to arrest the criminals.

A pirate starship in the distant future is being chased by the space police. The pirates are traveling at 1173 km/h while the police are traveling at 1265 km/h. The pirate ship needs 25 minutes to turn on its faster-than-light drive so it can jump into hyperspace to escape. How long will it take the space police to catch up to the pirates if they are 50 km away from one another?

Open space areas serve as natural outdoor laboratories for education and research close to schools, universities and other institutions. Guided group tours can be arranged to further enhance visitor's understanding of the ecological, geological and cultural aspects contained within and adjacent to Open Space lands.

The treaty boasts a half-century of success, but with countries expanding and intensifying their exploration missions, private companies commercializing space travel, and an increasingly hostile international political environment, can humanity be trusted to continue a peaceful co-existence in outer space?

The Snifit Patrol, also referred to as Shy Guy Cops,[1] is the police force of Space Land in Mario Party 2 and Mario Party Superstars. Players can pay them to set up a "speed trap" when they come across a unit standing by. They chase after speeding Whomps and Thwomps to ensure the safety of the players playing on the board when a player lands on a Happening Space; when a speed trap is set, the chase lasts longer.

I really want Lego to put out a new space theme, but I think all the ones made since the mid 90s have been less interesting. I would like them to just revive BlackTron, Space Police, M-Tron and Ice Planet, and I think that would be excellent. To be honest, I think even the 80s sets, which look kind of plain (like Benny's Spaceship), have a lot more character than some of the later alien invasion type stuff; it was like a hard sci-fi setting. I know a lot of people will say it's just nostalgia, because younger people won't want such simplistic sets, but for me, there were a couple of things in favor of this era, which Lego subsequently largely lost:

I think the thing which I like the most about this era in particular (my last sets at the time were Spyrius era stuff too Lychir), was that the spaceships were so stripped-down and simple. They had a feeling of being closer to current space technology, being in flimsy little vehicles, moon buggy-like, needing oxygen tanks, helmets, and apparently using rockets with probes on (like in that Ice Planet poster at the top of the thread). The ships, like Benny's Spaceship in the Lego Movie, just flew by unknown means, like some sort of efficient electric-thrusters maybe, and were often small personal craft that only carried a single minifig (adding to a sense of hard-sci-fi isolation). Later themes had too many organic pieces and didn't create this feeling, removing oxygen tanks, and having alien invaders with organic leg/tentacle pieces everywhere. Looking back, I think maybe Life on Mars was a mistake, because it confined Lego Space to one planet, and the sets were less utilitarian. Then things like Alien Conquest and Galaxy Squad don't interest me in the slightest, with generic alien bugs and a conflict-only theme. I think therefore that the factions got steadily less interesting bit-by-bit after Ice Planet in 1994, and the physical design of sets got less interesting after Exploriens in 1996, being progressively less industrial, but the theme remained good like you say Artanis for a few more years. It's worth noting that BlackTron/Space Police persisted for over half a decade, whereas these later factions lasted about a year, so you can perhaps see decline. As Wikipedia notes, factions were broken down into Heroes, Civilians and Villains until around 2000. I think for me, the earlier space theme was more scientifically-accurate looking and hard-sci-fi, but got progressively less, with Space Police III having a space police station that looks like a present-day building, and the Alien stuff from just before the end of the space theme became really detached from engineering ideas. I would want to see a return of that 80s/90s engineering attitude. Somewhat retro-sci-fi with NASA-like technology.

This kind of design from just before the space line was discontinued was, in my opinion, boring and generic. Gone are the rocket nozzles, magnetic cranes for lifting mining material, the moon buggy look, and it's just some generic Earth-confined UFO theme, with a generic space soldier. It then got even less interesting in Galaxy Squad. Essentially it took away the point of the original space theme, which was one of Lego's original big themes; being a grounded industrial setting full of possibility. It no longer has anything to distinguish it from a setting like Star Wars, where the villains are actually interesting.

I think it's a little unfair to argue that the Space theme used to be more grounded back in the day. Even in the Classic Space era it fluctuated quite a bit, with some sets depicting fairly realistic unmanned rocket launches and others depicting giant robots. Heck, M:Tron had a space helicopter with laser rotors, something that's practically hitting Nexo Knights levels of silliness.

I also don't understand the argument that recent Space themes have been less distinguishable from Star Wars. After all, Star Wars has way more boxy, industrial-looking spaceships than it has 1950s-looking flying saucers or spaceships shaped like giant bugs. And it's hard to imagine that the designers of Allied Avenger and Super Nova II weren't in any way inspired by Star Wars' X-Wing Fighter.

All I really want is for TLG to release a classic space printed elements pack. Just some bricks, tiles, slopes, and minifigure parts in the appropriate colors printed with the Classic Space, Blacktron (I & II), M-Tron, Ice Planet, Spyrius, Space Police (I, II, & III), and Exploriens logos. That's all I really want.

As far as more recent Space themes breaking off into different tangents; I actually have no problem with this as long as TLG is at least continuing the theme, somehow. I think these can result in some pretty cool ideas; for example, Alien Conquest sets can be comboed with City pretty easily, and Space Police 3 seems to have at least some sets that are not actually taking place in the vacuum of space (Officers with open helmets, no airtanks, etc), which seemed to be intended more for a gritty, planet-based, Blade Runner-type motif. One thing I did love about the old days was the simultaneous production of multiple factions, though and I would really like to seem more civilian applications, based on exploration, science, and engineering.


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